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2122 Consistent At VitroCam we coat German glass coverslips using the latest coating technology.  The coverslips are coated using third generation digitized techniques, so you can be assured of consistent results.


Photo 212 ConvenientFree up the time you spend at the hood by using our pre-coated coverslips.  Our coverslips are coated in a range of six different surfaces and come in sizes from 12mm to 25mm.  We also offer different thicknesses.


precoating v selfcoating1 Affordable

Our pre-coated coverslips often work out to be more cost effective compared to self-coating, when you take into account the manpower and time needed to coat coverslips in-house.


Coverslip glass2 Products

We offer a wide range of pre-coated coverslips – we have coverslips with six different coatings, in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.  Use our Surface Guide for more information about the pre-coated surfaces we offer, to assist in finding the best pre-coated surface for the cells you are working with.


Poly-D-Lysine is a synthetic amino acid chain that is positively charged and is used as coating substrate to enhance cell attachment and adhesion to both plastic ware and glass surfaces. BioCam has developed professional  coating protocol to generate the superior coverslips for challenged cultures, such as primary pure neuronal culture

crystal clear German glass coverslips with Poly-D-lysine (PDL) coating on both sides for cell culture and confocal fluorescence microscopy, sealed 15 pieces per bag, sterilized, ready to use.

Product code Coating Coverslip diameter quantity Thickness
1245-P01 Poly-D-Lysine 12mm 45 no.1
1290-P01 Poly-D-Lysine 12mm 90 no.1
1245-P15 Poly-D-Lysine 12mm 45 no.1.5
1290-P15 Poly-D-Lysine 12mm 90 no.1.5
1445-P01 Poly-D-Lysine 14mm 45 no.1
1490-P01 Poly-D-Lysine 14mm 90 no.1
1545-P01 Poly-D-Lysine 15mm 45 no.1
1590-P01 Poly-D-Lysine 15mm 90 no.1
1845-P01 Poly-D-Lysine 18mm 45 no.1
1890-P01 Poly-D-Lysine 18mm 90 no.1
1845-P15 Poly-D-Lysine 18mm 45 no.1.5
1890-P15 Poly-D-Lysine 18mm 90 no.1.5
2045-P01 Poly-D-Lysine 20mm 45 no.1
2090-P01 Poly-D-Lysine 20mm 90 no.1
2245-P01 Poly-D-Lysine 22mm 45 no.1
2290-P01 Poly-D-Lysine 22mm 90 no.1
2245-P15 Poly-D-Lysine 22mm 45 no.1.5
2290-P15 Poly-D-Lysine 22mm 90 no.1.5
2445-P01 Poly-D-Lysine 24mm 45 no.1
2490-P01 Poly-D-Lysine 24mm 90 no.1
2545-P01 Poly-D-Lysine 25mm 45 no.1
2590-P01 Poly-D-Lysine 25mm 90 no.1
2545-P00 Poly-D-Lysine 25mm 45 no.0
2590-P00 Poly-D-Lysine 25mm 90 no.0
2545-P15 Poly-D-Lysine 25mm 45 no.1.5
2590-P15 Poly-D-Lysine 25mm 90 no.1.5

It is the main component of connective tissue, and is the most abundant protein in mammals, making up about 25% to 35% of the whole-body protein content. Collagen, in the form of elongated fibrils, is mostly found in fibrous tissues such as tendon, ligament and skin, and is also abundant in cornea, cartilage, bone, blood vessels, the gut, and intervertebral disc.

Product code Coating Diameter Quantity Thickness
1245-C01 collagen I (rat tail) 12mm 45 no.1
1290-C01 collagen I (rat tail) 12mm 90 no.1
1245-C15 collagen I (rat tail) 12mm 45 no.1.5
1290-C15 collagen I (rat tail) 12mm 90 no.1.5
1445-C01 collagen I (rat tail) 14mm 45 no.1
1490-C01 collagen I (rat tail) 14mm 90 no.1
1545-C01 collagen I (rat tail) 15mm 45 no.1
1590-C01 collagen I (rat tail) 15mm 90 no.1
1845-C01 collagen I (rat tail) 18mm 45 no.1
1890-C01 collagen I (rat tail) 18mm 90 no.1
1845-C15 collagen I (rat tail) 18mm 45 no.1.5
1890-C15 collagen I (rat tail) 18mm 90 no.1.5
2045-C01 collagen I (rat tail) 20mm 45 no.1
2090-C01 collagen I (rat tail) 20mm 90 no.1
2245-C01 collagen I (rat tail) 22mm 45 no.1
2290-C01 collagen I (rat tail) 22mm 90 no.1
2245-C15 collagen I (rat tail) 22mm 45 no.1.5
2290-C15 collagen I (rat tail) 22mm 90 no.1.5
2445-C01 collagen I (rat tail) 24mm 45 no.1
2490-C01 collagen I (rat tail) 24mm 90 no.1
2545-C01 collagen I (rat tail) 25mm 45 no.1
2590-C01 collagen I (rat tail) 25mm 90 no.1
2545-C00 collagen I (rat tail) 25mm 45 no.0
2590-C00 collagen I (rat tail) 25mm 90 no.0
2545-C15 collagen I (rat tail) 25mm 45 no.1.5
2590-C15 collagen I (rat tail) 25mm 90 no.1.5

Stem cell qualified basement membrane extract, often referred to as Matrigel, is a soluble form of basement membrane pufied from Engelbreth-Holm-Swarm (EHS) tumor. It is mainly comprised of laminin, collagen IV, entactin, and heparin sulfate proteoglycan, showing effective feeder-free surface for the attachment and maintenance of human embryonic stem cells in a pluripotent state, thereby enabling its use for growth promotion or for study of stem cell differentiation.

The coated basement membrane extract has been tested negative for 31 pathogens and viruses, including LDEV

Product code Coating Diameter Quantity Thickness
1260-B01 Basement membrane extract 12mm 60 no.1
1260-B15 Basement membrane extract 12mm 60 no.1.5
1460-B01 Basement membrane extract 14mm 60 no.1
1560-B01 Basement membrane extract 15mm 60 no.1
1860-B01 Basement membrane extract 18mm 60 no.1
1860-B15 Basement membrane extract 18mm 60 no.1.5
2060-B01 Basement membrane extract 20mm 60 no.1
2260-B01 Basement membrane extract 22mm 60 no.1
2260-B15 Basement membrane extract 22mm 60 no.1.5
2460-B01 Basement membrane extract 24mm 60 no.1
2560-B01 Basement membrane extract 25mm 60 no.1
2560-B00 Basement membrane extract 25mm 60 no.0
2560-B15 Basement membrane extract 25mm 60 no.1.5

Gelatin-coated coverslips

Product code Coating Diameter Quantity Thickness
1290-G01 Gelatin 12mm 90 no.1
1290-G15 Gelatin 12mm 90 no.1.5
1490-G01 Gelatin 14mm 90 no.1
1590-G01 Gelatin 15mm 90 no.1
1890-G01 Gelatin 18mm 90 no.1
1890-G15 Gelatin 18mm 90 no.1.5
2090-G01 Gelatin 20mm 90 no.1
2290-G01 Gelatin 22mm 90 no.1
2290-G15 Gelatin 22mm 90 no.1.5
2490-G01 Gelatin 24mm 90 no.1
2590-G01 Gelatin 25mm 90 no.1
2590-G15 Gelatin 25mm 90 no.1.5

Fibronectin is an extracellular matrix protein that is found abundantly in blood and connective tissues. These matrices are associated with the epithelial to mesenchymal transition of metasltatic cells, including tumor cells with stem cell-like properties. Fibronectin performs essential functions in collagen fibrillogenesis, as either a general cell adhesion molecule or a modulator in binding between cell surfaces and the extracellular matrix. Fibronectin matrix assembly is essential for normal vertebrate development and apparently contributes to the generation of tumor metastases by supporting the establishment and persistence of pre-metastatic niches. Fibronectin is secreted as a disulfide-like dimer of 230-270kDa, comprised of three types of repeating modules that mediate interactions with extracellular matrix components and cells via integrins and other fibronectin receptors. Thus, fibronectin can be used for coating culture coverslips to promote cell adhesion and proliferation.

Product code Coating Diameter Quantity Thickness
1260-F01 Fibronectin 12mm 60 no.1
1260-F15 Fibronectin 12mm 60 no.1.5
1460-F01 Fibronectin 14mm 60 no.1
1560-F01 Fibronectin 15mm 60 no.1
1860-F01 Fibronectin 18mm 60 no.1
1860-F15 Fibronectin 18mm 60 no.1.5
2060-F01 Fibronectin 20mm 60 no.1
2260-F01 Fibronectin 22mm 60 no.1
2260-F15 Fibronectin 22mm 60 no.1.5
2460-F01 Fibronectin 24mm 60 no.1
2560-F01 Fibronectin 25mm 60 no.1
2560-F00 Fibronectin 25mm 60 no.0
2560-F15 Fibronectin 25mm 60 no.1.5

Laminin I is an extracellular matrix protein which contains a number of functional domains that allow it to assemble into sheets. Highly purified mouse laminin I (from murine EHS sarcoma) increases cell adhesion, migration, proliferation, and differentiation.

Embryonic stem (ES) cells express receptors for laminin. Thus, the use of laminin as a growth matrix should be considered when peptide growth factors present in more complex hydrogels might adversely impact experimental results. Pure laminin I is sufficient to support excellent ES cell growth in the undifferentiated state in the absence of feeder cells.

Product code Coating Diameter Quantity Thickness
1260-L01 Laminin 12mm 60 no.1
1260-L15 Laminin 12mm 60 no.1.5
1460-L01 Laminin 14mm 60 no.1
1560-L01 Laminin 15mm 60 no.1
1860-L01 Laminin 18mm 60 no.1
1860-L15 Laminin 18mm 60 no.1.5
2060-L01 Laminin 20mm 60 no.1
2260-L01 Laminin 22mm 60 no.1
2260-L15 Laminin 22mm 60 no.1.5
2460-L01 Laminin 24mm 60 no.1
2560-L01 Laminin 25mm 60 no.1
2560-L00 Laminin 25mm 60 no.0
2560-L15 Laminin 25mm 60 no.1.5